In 2012, Festivals Adelaide collected all available economic data from the 10 festivals in the alliance, which was analysed by Barry Burgan at Uni SA. The main results were:

  • Total attendances at Festivals Adelaide events in 2012 were around 2.82 million with over 590,000 tickets sold.
  • An estimated 63,850 of these attendees were visitors to South Australia, generating a total of 304,100 visitor nights in the state (an average length of stay of 6 nights per person)
  • Festival visitors related expenditure (excluding tickets) within the state of $58.1 million
  • An estimated positive economic impact on the state’s economy of $62.9 million in new incomes
  • The creation of 790 full time equivalent jobs directly related to delivering Adelaide’s ten major festivals
  • Combined return on investment to SA is approximately 5:1

The 2012 Festivals Adelaide Economic Impact Study – Download Pdf


Part of Festivals Adelaide’s brief is to provide comparable statistics across all 10 festivals. To this end, in association with UniSA and Flinders University, a template has been commissioned and implemented in all festivals in 2013 which will measure:
– economic impact
And for the first time ever, these templates will also measure:
– social and cultural impact
and collect non-user data to measure the attitudes of people who do NOT attend festival events.
All of this research is ground-breaking in Australia.

The Social and Cultural Impact Evaluation is now complete and the Economic Impact Evaluation will be available early in 2014 and distributed to all partners of the festivals and the media.

The 2013 Social and Cultural Impact Evaluation – Download PDF


Festivals Adelaide will shortly commission cross-Festival audience profile analysis. This research will be used to

  • assist in more precise cross-pollenisation between festivals
  • inform the Adelaide tourist businesses on how best to engage with the festival audiences