Economic impact $62.5m in 2013/14

November 14th, 2014

Economic impact figures combining the data of Adelaide’s ten major arts festivals
highlight the continued magnitude of arts festivals to the South Australia’s economy.

The study commissioned by Festivals Adelaide – the strategic collaboration of the city’s ten major Arts Festivals – revealed that in 2013/14, Adelaide Festival, Adelaide Fringe, WOMADelaide, Adelaide Film Festival & Festival of Ideas, Adelaide International Guitar Festival, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, Come Out Children’s Festival, Feast Adelaide Queer Cultural Festival, OzAsia Festival and SALA Festival combined economic impact of ‘new money’ to South Australia’s economy was around $62.5m with a whopping $183m in gross economic expenditure and collective total attendances of 3.9 million of which 980,000 were paid tickets.

The report also highlighted the above 2013/14 festivals generated:
• 54,300 visitors to the state
• An estimated 280,700 visitor nights
• A total turnover or gross expenditure in the SA economy of around $183 million
• The creation of 740 full time equivalent jobs (or approximately 7,800 casual staff employed during the running of each respective festival)
• $4 of new income for every $1 invested from the state government

Festivals Adelaide Executive Officer, Christie Anthoney said while the tourism and economic benefits Adelaide’s ten major arts festivals bring speaks for itself, it’s only half the story.

“On top of the fantastic economic success, the festivals make a fundamental contribution to the state’s agendas of ‘vibrancy’, ‘social inclusion’ and ‘wellbeing’,” Ms Anthoney said.

“The psyche of the city and indeed many regional areas is enhanced with this cultural activity, providing a buoyancy and optimism which in turn opens purse strings and generates growth for so many and varied businesses in the state.”

“Our Festivals have helped forge a unique identity in South Australia and you can see this reflected in the extraordinary way the people of South Australia, and beyond have engaged with them year round.” Ms Anthoney said

Adelaide’s next major Art Festival is Feast Adelaide Queer Cultural Festival which, for the first time in its 18 year history, will be fully curated. A showcase of LGBTIQ arts over 15 days – Indulge!

Festivals Adelaide is supported by Arts SA and the Adelaide City Council

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