Come Out Festival

March 12th, 2013

We have lift off! Full Program now online

Come Out Festival Dreams the Future with the best of local, national & international arts for schools and families

Today Come Out Festival 2013 released its program themed Dreaming The Future with Creative Producer Michael Hill saying “We’re asking children and young people what dreams they have for their lives, their homes and their environment.  How do dreams inform our daily lives and help shape our futures?  We aim to encourage the children of South Australia to be creative thinkers by embracing, sharing and finding expression for their dreams.”

The festival’s aims are reflected in the diverse program featuring acts of global acclaim, based locally and internationally. Some program snippets were released late last year, including a regional tour by American musicians Black Violin; a classically trained string duo performing with a DJ and who this week performed for 35,000 people at the Presidential Inauguration Ball. In addition, SA’s own internationally acclaimed Patch Theatre Company’s much anticipated The Moon’s A Balloon will make its world premiere at the Odeon Theatre while the State Theatre Company’s offering of Randomwill please the upper age limit of Come Out Festival’s audience. Bindjareb Pinjarra is a funny and educational theatre performance about the contemporary reverberations of Western Australia’s 1834 Pinjarra Massacre; poignantly this production will be playing during Reconciliation Week in 2013.  Kids’ Own Publishing is a pioneer in children’s community publishing, giving voice to young people and families, involving them in all stages of creating their own book and will travel the state to deliver workshops in public libraries.

Joining the acts released late in 2012, are Tricksterᴾ from Switzerland who will share their re-telling of the story of Hansel and Gretel in .h.g. In a performance and installation where theatre and the visual arts merge, an audience of one person at a time is guided through nine different physical sensory rooms.

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