Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s first joint artistic director partnership

July 1st, 2015

Eddie Perfect and Ali McGregor have both been announced as Adelaide Cabaret Festival artistic directors.

The Adelaide Cabaret Festival will look to two stars to fill the sizeable shoes of Barry Humphries when they roll out their first joint artistic directors for next year’s event.
Ali McGregor and Eddie Perfect will take the baton from Humphries after his single-year stint at the helm of this year’s festival.

McGregor said both she and Perfect were eager to continue the success but also add their own dimension.

“We have a huge amount of respect for the four people who have proceeded us and we want to build of the special thing they’ve created here, but at the same time we want to bring a new energy to it,” she said.

Both McGregor and Perfect have long histories with the festival, having appeared numerous times throughout its 15-year history.

They both credit the annual event with shaping them as artists.

“I’ve had an education through this Cabaret Festival,” Perfect said.

“There’s no other festival that comes close in terms of my unconditional love.

“My first Adelaide Cabaret Festival, I wasn’t doing my own show I was playing piano for a satirical character played by Paul McCarthy.

“Since then I did my first workshop of Shane Warne the Musical which we ended up bringing back as a full musical. That was under Julia Holt and it went from an idea in my head to Julia saying ‘do it at the festival. Present it in concert’.”

The two both had their own shows in this year’s program and say one of their goals will be to foster new writing and connections between artists.

“We’ve both got different interests in that Eddie is really on top of the new music and new writing and I guess I want to try to bring in some of the elements in the cabaret world that we haven’t seen a lot of here,” McGregor said.

Perfect added that the two had “slightly different focuses but really similar tastes”.

“I think new musical theatre writing is missing from Australia in a serious way,” he said.

“This festival has some serious clout and attracts some incredible artists so there are really great opportunities for world to cross pollinate.

“There is no festival like it in Australia and it really is best of its kind in the world so as a result of that it deserves to have world premieres and exclusives.”

This year’s Cabaret Festival had more than 350 artists performing with 45 sold out shows and according to the Festival Centre, was the highest grossing festival in its 15-year history.


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